Hi! I'm Amey!

I'm a Computer Vision, Autonomous Driving,
Robotics aspirant.

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An Indian Explorer in Japan

I am an Indian national, currently exploring the beautiful land of the rising sun, Japan. Here, I am pursuing my education and working on innovative research projects that excite and challenge me.

University of Tsukuba

Master's Student at the University of Tsukuba

I am enrolled in the Intelligent Mechanical Systems program at the University of Tsukuba. Here, I am pursuing my master's degree, specializing in intelligent AI and Robotics.


Research Assistant at AIST

At the Mobility Services Research Team of the Digital Architecture Research Center, I am working as a research assistant at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan. Together, we are making strides towards a more connected and intelligent MaaS.

What do I do

Master's Degree and Research

I am working on developing a monitoring support system for autonomous bus services, leveraging computer vision technology to ensure passenger safety.

Undergraduate Studies

Graduated from the Okutomi-Tanaka Lab in the Department of Systems and Control Engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, collaborating with Olympus Corp on a CNN-based Pipe Parts Classification for Camera Localization research project.

Technical Expertise

Developing expertise in AI, Computer Vision, and other essential tools in the field of Intelligent Mechanical Systems to contribute to the advancement of AI and data science.

Multilingual Abilities

Aiming to support global teams by leveraging multilingual abilities and staying curious and adaptable to rapidly evolving technologies and customer-oriented solutions.

Photography and Editing

An amateur photographer who enjoys capturing moments and editing, while also exploring video making and cinematography to expand creative skills.

Passionate about Cricket and Chess

Staying updated on the latest developments and events in Cricket and Chess, engaging in these sports as a passionate follower and enthusiast.

My Works

Here are some of my works that showcase my skills and creativity:

Youtube Video Recommendation

A system to analyze the popularity and engagement of the videos for Youtube channels. When you discover new channels, it helps you to check out popular videos of that channel(not just poular by views). It also helps content creators optimize their video suggestions to improve audience engagement.

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My Published Research Paper

Fall Detection Inside An Autonomous Driving Bus: - Examination of Image Processing Algorithms-

Read the paper

Instagram Analytics Bot

A comprehensive analytics solution for Instagram and TikTok profiles, including hashtag analysis and post performance tracking.

See the code

Automatic Wordle Solver

A bot that automatically solves Wordle puzzles, providing users with a quick and accurate solution.

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And there's more where that came from! Check out my Github profile for more of my projects.

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